Ice Melt and Snow Removal

We carry over 1,200 shovels in many styles. Below is just a sampling. Come in to pick the one that suits your needs best. We also carry Roof Rakes.

Safe Step Safe Step Mag Chloride 6300™ Ice Melter

IM10 – 10 lb $4.59
IM11- 11 lb $6.99
IM40 – 40 lb – Pail $21.99
Designed with an improved environmentally friendly formula, Power 6300 is safe for people, pets or vegetation when used a directed, but has a melting power that outperforms other ice melter blends. The patent-pending formula contains our powerful melting catalyst, MG 104®, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2½ times longer than conventional products. • Melts ice to -10°F/-23°C • Available in 10-, 25- and 50-pound poly bags; 11-pound jugs, 40-pound pails and 100-pound fiber drums. • Meets the EPA’s Safer Choice Certified standards.

Ice Melters

Ice MeltersRS25 Rock Salt 25 lb $4.69
RS50 Rock Salt 50 lb $7.79

CC50 Calcium Chloride Flakes 50 lb $18.99
CC50P Calcium Chloride Pellets 50 lb $19.99


(RMTAB) $23.99 Roofmelt is an ice dam melter. Designed to melt the ice dam and prevent damage to your roof. Easy to use. Simply toss the tablets on the effected areas of the roof and let the tablets do the work. • Roofmelt Ice Dam Melter • Melts Ice Dams • Prevents Damage to you Roof • Easy to use • So simple it works

Avalanche Roof Rakes

avalanche-roof-rake-loThe Avalanche makes much easier work of removing snow from most roofs. See the video to see the product in action.  Removes up to a ton of snow per minute. AVA500, AVA1000 We also carry the 8’ Extention kit AVA500HK


24-In. Deluxe Poly Snow Pusher With Large D-Grip

tv277483-lo 24-Inch, Gray, Deluxe Poly Snow Pusher, With Galvanized Steel Wear Strip, 24-Inch W x 12-Inch H Non Stick Grapite Blade, Textured Resin Coated 1-1/4-Inch Diameter Steel Core R Shaft With Large D Grip, Overall Length 56-Inch. TV277483

Snow Shovel/Pusher, 20-In. No-Stick Blade

tv277368-loGrey, Deluxe Shovel/Pusher With Galvanized Steel Strip, Textured Resin Coated Steel Core (R) Handle 1-1/4-Inch Diameter, No Stick Graphite Blade 20-Inch x 13-Inch. 277368

True Temper #12 Grain Scoop, Super D-Grip Handle


True Temper, Size 12, ABS Polyethylene Grain Scoop, 14-1/2-Inch x 18-Inch Blade, 27-Inch Super D Grip Handle. TV835348

Ames Telescoping Roof Rake 24″ Blade 17′ Extended

telescoping-roof-rake-loThe Telescoping Roof Rake features a self-contained telescoping handle that easily extends. Constructed of aluminum the tool is light and easy to handle. The elliptical handle shape reduces defection and maximizes reach. The 24 poly blade is durable and gentle on roof shingles. Braces provide further reinforcing for years of use.

18-Inch Blue Poly-Coated Snow Shovel With D-Grip Handle


18-Inch, Blue, Poly Snow Shovel, 18-Inch W x 13-Inch H Blade, 48-Inch Overall Length, Poly Coated, Ribbed 1-1/8-Inch Steel Core (R) Shaft, D Grip. TV277814

PathMaster 3000 Snow Shovel, Vinyl-Covered Steel D-Grip Handle, 18-In. Poly Blade

tv126618-loRugg Poly Blade Snow Shovel has a 16″ wide blade with a Vinyl Covered Steel Handle and a D-Grip Handle. It’s a light weight shovel making it easy to use. TV780976 • 16″ wide poly blade • Vinyl covered steel handle • D-Grip handle • Light weight • Made in USA

Ames 7 in. Forged Sidewalk Scraper

sidewalk-scraper-lo• Forged steel blade clears hardened material like ice and dirt • Chops weed and tree roots, compact soil and other materials • 15 year warranty

24’ Aluminum Seymour Roof Rake

seymour-roof-rake-lo RR25X